The EHR & RCM Transforming Addiction Treatment Centers

AZZLY’s Electronic Health Record and Revenue Cycle Management Software for Addiction Treatment Professionals exists to optimize your outreach, intake, admissions, clinical, medication management, and billing processes.

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AZZLY’s Electronic Health Record & Revenue Cycle Management Software solves your day-to-day dysfunction through simplicity and automation. The result is empowering your staff and improving your patients outcomes.

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What Our Clients Say

"This is just so much easier and smoother than what we have been using."

Sals Recovery, Wisconsin

"Great product to recommend to facilities. Great functionality for the user. Easy to use. Integrative with almost every other software."

Johana D.
J Desir Consulting

"AZZLY is extremely user friendly and the customer service is the best I have ever experienced."

Kelly C.
Person to Person, Inc.

"They have gone above and beyond to accommodate our specific and unique organizational needs. The system has proven to be an elegant solution to our complex continuum of services."

Rachel M.
The Next Door

"As a consultant for start-ups in the mental health and addictions industry, I am often in the position to recommend an EHR. I consistently recommend AZZLY because they provide so much more than just an EHR. The system does a great job streamlining the entire client process from first call to discharge and beyond."

John T.
Treatment Consultants

#1 Addiction Treatment EHR & RCM

Electronic Health Record

  • Medication Management
  • Vitals
  • eChart
  • eRx/Labs
  • eSignatures

Office Management

  • Staff Communication
  • Patient Communication
  • Staff Calendar
  • Lite CRM
  • Referral Management

Revenue Cycle Management

  • Census Report
  • Financial Reports
  • Patient Activity Report
  • Billing & Claims Module
  • Clearinghouse

Customer Support

  • Expert Industry Knowledge
  • Online or Onsite Training
  • Friendly & Professional
  • Invested in Your Success
  • Empowering your staff

Pricing That Meets Your Needs

AZZLY offers simple, affordable pricing options tailored to your business needs. Volume discount available.

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