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The Moments of Change conference has come to an end, however, lets keep on changing the industry for the better. It was a delight networking with all who attended.




"All in one Solution"

 Electronic Health Record + more..

- Customized Documentation: Intake, Screening, Clinical, Medical

- Synchronized Calendar & Scheduling

- Lab connectivity

- ePrescribing (eRx)

- Revenue Cycle Management

- Quality Assurance

- Internet accessible anytime and anyplace

...for the Behavioral Health Industry.

Our customers are:

-Addiction (Chemical Dependency) Treatment Centers

Outpatient Treatment Programs

Intensive Outpatient Programs

Partial Hospitalization Programs

Inpatient Addiction Treatment Programs

Residential Day / Night Treatment Programs

Detox Programs / Services

Intensive Inpatient Services


-Behavioral Health Counseling Centers

Adult & Pediatric Outpatient Counseling Centers

Therapeutic Behavioral On-Site Services


-Private Therapists / Counselors



Social Workers





“Thank you to the AZZLY Team, completing the templates are easy because of the options you have to select from and the option to free text as well. The Mental Status Exams and Risk Assessments format complimented my work flow and everything went smooth without a glitch. This system is a lot easier to manage and navigate compared to other EMR systems I have used in the past.”

-- Natashah K,MS MHC, Program Coordinator --

“When I look at options for my clients, I look for a windows based, easy to access and easy to use system. The fact that in AZZLY all document management, clinical charting and revenue cycle management are in one solution is a big time saver for the entire staff.”

-- Pamela S., Healthcare Consultant for Substance Abuse Treatment Centers --

“The AZZLY system has a built-in claims scrubber with coding logic that detects possible coding problems. By the time I’m finished with documentation and ready to submit, it’s already been scrubbed for errors. If a claim can be corrected prior to submission to a payer, it saves time and money and gets me paid faster.”

-- John B., LCSW --

"AZZLY was my second attempt at going electronic. My old software was just an EMR, a server based system. My server crashed one day and that was it. I had it. AZZLY was usable right away. They customized and made it easier for me to document my patient visits and for my staff to manage all documents. Yes it is a complete system that my entire staff works out of and I am able to maintain my practice and independence. Great client support.”

-- Karen F., MD, FACOG --

“Congratulations!  The product keeps getting better and better!! ”

-- Kim W, LCSW --

“Your Team is fantastic!”

-- Sharon G, Office Mgr. --

“Having a system that supports Real Time Adjudication allows clients to collect patient responsibility at the point of service, that's a real game changer.”

-- Shavonne S, Billing Co-Owner --

“We couldn't have passed our DCF audit without AZZLY. Thank you for having your staff on-site throughout the process - it was a great help.”

-- Michael L, Clinical Director --


AZZLY is an Electronic Records, Documentation, Scheduling, Labs, eRx, and Revenue Cycle Management alternative for the Behavioral Health Industry.

Our customers are...

-Addiction Treatment Centers

-Chemical Dependency Programs

-Eating Disorder Programs

-Counseling Services / Professionals






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